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Indulgence Relaxation Massage

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"Miss V was a real life saver during our session, my back was out and my legs were tight from working out. Veronica fixed the problem and left me feeling in a state of complete happiness and relaxation”, T.J.

“I didn’t really know what to expect in our sessions.  I have a stressful business career that makes all the muscles tight.  Gents, with Miss V - ask and ye shall receive!  She explored every inch of my aching body and lifted the pain from my core.  Euphoria, bliss and complete contentment await you during Veronica's sessions.  During the special light touch part of the session I nearly leapt of the table as it left my body charged however Miss V's approach helps you discharge that pent up energy.  Go see Veronica; you will leave completely pleased and content.” Joseph-November 2011


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"Whenever I have gone to see Veronica, I feel like a Pheonix rising from the ashes!" SG - August 2013

"I consider Veronica to be my own personal angel. She continues to take me away from the stresses of my every day." Herb - March '14