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Indulgence Relaxation Massage

Contact Miss V


Candles only


Phone calls only

No Texting!






Basic Massage:


60 minutes - $90.00


90 minutes - $130.00


120 minutes - $180.00


 Basic massage session consists of back, legs neck, arms and hands.

For this massage - ANYONE can visit me.


 ****Gentlemen Only Sessions Below***  



Fun Massage:


Available in 1 hour, 90minute and 2 hour sessions

- Contact Miss V for rates



Fun massage is the basic massage with release

The possibility of digital, back door stimulation extists

(I ask that you are exceptionally clean!!!)


Special Massage:


Available in 1 hour, 90 minute & 2 hour sessions                                                                                    Contact Miss Vee for rates


Treat me with respect; the world is opened up to you!

I begin this session in lingerie and as I work... pieces seem to find their way to the floor...


Over the years, I have created sessions tailored specifically to my clients' needs and desires.

I enjoy serving and making people happy.

Let's make you happy!

(Let's get one ENTIRE session under our belts - so to speak - and I am happy to speak with you about what you are wanting/looking for)


Please remember this is neither full service nor oral service.

There are many lovely ladies who work in the escort side of this industry who would be happy to make your fantasies a reality!

(I am not that lady)


I ask that my clients arrive fresh and clean for our session, to enhance the nature of our interaction. I do also ask that you be reminded that my service is about mutual respect and I reserve the right to end all service in such case where I feel my safety is at risk.

Please also arrive on time so we can make the most of your session.